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                                            Project Manager - 2017 Line of Duty Annual Report

It is an honor to have served on the IPSA Memorial Committee and it’s a privilege to work with the men and women who served with me.

The International Public Safety Association Memorial Committee was established to monitor line of duty deaths to honor the supreme sacrifice of our brave and heroic first responders and to review LODD data for trends, patterns and anomalies so the IPSA can develop recommended policies and changes that improve safety.

Our report is dedicated to the fallen. It is dedicated to their families and loved ones who have suffered such terrible losses. It is dedicated to their agencies who lost colleagues, friends and confidants.

Finally, this report is dedicated to the public safety community, who with the loss of every member: experience, expertise, contribution and camaraderie are also lost.

1 Cotter, HR (Executive Director), Dundas, Jr., JW (Chair, Battalion Chief (Ret)), Manley, JP (Vice Chair, Lt), Mitchell, R (Chief (Ret)). (2017). First Responder Line of Duty Death Causes and Prevention – Annual Research Project that focuses on Prevention and Risk Management Programs for First Responders. International Public Safety Association (IPSA) Reports.