Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC’s Comprehensive Security Assessment Services: Tailoring Your Defense Strategy for Optimal Safety

Security is paramount in today’s world, where threats can arise at any moment. Understanding the vulnerabilities of your home or business is the first step towards fortifying your defenses. A Security Assessment conducted by an Independent Security Consultant is a critical service that pinpoints potential risks to people and property.

Identify Your Security Risks:

  • Assess Threat Levels: Determine the most significant dangers that could impact your safety and assets.

  • Uncover Hidden Gaps: Reveal overlooked areas in your current security setup.

  • Prioritize Immediate Actions: Focus on urgent security measures that need attention.

Armed with this knowledge, you can strategically prioritize, budget, and implement effective security solutions.

Liability and Legal Implications:

Property owners face potential civil liability in the event of criminal activities, such as a robbery in their parking lot leading to injury or fatality. In such unfortunate circumstances, demonstrating that you’ve taken proactive steps with physical security plans, protocols, and equipment is crucial.

Foreseeability in Security Planning:

The concept of foreseeability has become a cornerstone in evaluating business, corporate, and educational institution security. It boils down to two fundamental questions:

1. Predictability: Could a reasonable person anticipate the occurrence of such an event?

2. Preventive Measures: What actions did the organization take to mitigate or prevent the incident?

Being prepared to address these inquiries is essential, especially if an incident leads to legal scrutiny.

Expertise Matters:

In the face of litigation, your Security Consultant may be summoned to verify the security assessment and your adherence to their recommendations. Their expertise and qualifications will be under examination to establish their credibility in the field.


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