Security and Premises Liability Expert Witness

Expert Independent Security Consultant

Experienced Security Expert Witness Services

Leveraging decades of experience in security and education, our team offers unparalleled expertise in the field. We provide comprehensive security expert witness services, combining research, university teaching, and practical security knowledge to enhance your legal strategy.

Our Services

We offer a suite of services tailored to legal professionals, including:

  • Case Review: In-depth analysis to uncover critical security insights.

  • Expert Testimony: Credible, authoritative testimonies that stand up in court.

  • Security Consultation: Guidance on standards and best practices in security.

Specializing in security negligence and premises liability, we bring a focused lens to event security and workplace violence prevention. Our goal is to support your case with evidence-based evaluation and strategic insights.

Our Experience

Our diverse experience spans various venues, from out door music venues, hotels and bars to apartment complexes and retail outlets. With a solid foundation in law enforcement, public safety, and security management, we are equipped to provide forensic security analysis and risk assessment. Our academic involvement in university-level teaching further bolsters our capability to serve as informed expert witnesses in a range of litigation scenarios.

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To discuss your case or to learn more about our fee schedule, please call us today. We are ready to partner with you to deliver security consulting excellence.