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Situational Awareness


Violence Prevention Training

Our Evidence Informed, Experience Applied programs combine academic research with significant “real life” experience. 

Our courses are designed to provide the knowledge and skills that your employees need to be able to recognize inappropriate and concerning behavior, intervene in a non-confrontational manner and respond appropriately to protect themselves and others. 

Our instructors provide courses that are highly interactive, engaging and use positive reinforcement, in a story-telling format, to create lasting "mental anchors". We are experienced trainers with extensive experience teaching in higher education.

Our goal is to provide a memorable learning experience for you and your employees. Our instructors leverage “real life” experiences, education, and research to create an engaging training session.


At the heart of our programs is helping you and your organization better understand the dynamics of frustration, aggression, conflict, and confrontation so they can be identified and addressed.

Examples of Our Training Solutions:

  • Workplace Violence Mitigation & Programming
  • Customer Service: De-escalating Difficult Customers
  • Hostile Intruder
  • Employee Harassment
  • Armed Robbery Safety
  • Workplace Violence Prevention De-escalation Training
  • Law enforcement & Security Training
  • Situational Awareness

Our Workplace Violence Prevention Training Programs are practical and engaging, designed to raise awareness without creating fear, and focus on developing new behaviors. Knowledge is key! 

Our programs are always tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges!

Our clients trusted us for their Workplace Violence Prevention Training. Can we add you to the list of our valued partners?

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